5 ways to protect your sensitive skin

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Your skin is the most important thing to you and taking care of it is a paramount, even when you don’t have the time for it! There are some basics in the beauty world that you can stick to without consuming much time and will definitely help you fend off aging and combat wrinkles, and help you look young. So let’s get to know 5 easy steps you can apply yourself in short time.

Protect yourself from the sun rays

The most important way to taking care of your skin is by protecting it from the sun that could induce wrinkles, dark spots, et cetera. In addition, it increases the risk of developing skin cancer. So never leave the house without using high efficiency sun block.

Quit smoking

Smoking make your skin look older and induces wrinkles. It has been proved that smoking tightens blood vessels in the skin, hindering blood flow and make the skin look pale. It also strips oxygen and nutrition out of the skin, which are very vital for its health. Also, it damages the collagen, fibers, and elastin that are vital for making your skin the strong and elastic. So don’t underestimate the issue and quit smoking.

Be soft on your skin

Neglecting the skin and not rinsing it daily will automatically impact it, so pay attention to it. The most important thing you should put in mind is how you take showers, avoid hot water, because it strips your skin of its essential oils, and use lukewarm water. Also avoid using strong detergents that could strip your skin of its oils, instead, use medical detergents. After showering, gently dry yourself with a soft towel that will keep some moist on your skin.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Good diet will definitely help you look better. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and not saturated proteins. Research shows that following a diet rich in fish oil and fish oil supplements and a reduction of unhealthy fats and carbohydrate delicatessen could enhance the skin and make you look younger. Also, drinking water helps reserving your skin moist.

Never overstress yourself

Stress could make your skin more sensitive and induce pimples and other skin problems, so be in a good state of mind and take necessary steps to fight tiresome. Get enough sleep and make time for doing the things you enjoy doing.

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