Dalida Khalil: I don’t have a relationship with Rami Ayach any longer and things changed after my father passed away.

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December 20, 2018
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December 21, 2018

21 Dec 2018 By Sultan Abu Tair

Photographed by Direct Studio, Styled by Serene Assad. Dress by Eman Al Ajlan

The year of 2018 was the year of Dalida. Besides acting, she danced, won prizes, sang, and achieved all what she aspired for. She doesn’t believe that there is anything impossible in this life as long as people live and dream to achieve their goals.

Dalida stressed in her talk with “Soul Arabia” that her relationship with Rami Ayach ended with the end of the “Amir El Leil” series. She considers her relationship with Ziad Bourji a successful one and they are in constant contact.

She wants a charismatic man to have a relationship with and start a family like Tamer Hosny.Her pride is a red line that is uncompromised no matter what. She also said that if given the choice between working with Taim al-Hassan and Yousef al-Khal, she would go with the latter for reasons you will get to know in this spontaneous and frank talk. Here is the dialogue:

Sultan: The Christmas and the New Year’s Eve is approaching, what does this time of the year mean to you?

Dalida: I always say that this time is the most beautiful in the year. We have a new beginning, revaluate our lives, should not dwell on our past mistakes, and have a new start with love, peace, and joy.

Sultan: Are there any rituals you follow?

Dalida: Sure. We do the usual rituals of any family. We race to wear “Santa Claus” costume and distribute gifts to the kids.

Sultan : How would you describe 2018? And what is the thing you like to remember the most?

Dalida:  It was a year full of success. The beginning was with me starring in “Celebrity Duets” and then working on a soap opera and on the big screen. I also released my first song titled “Wardi W Wardi” and I am waiting the opening date of “AlMaharaja” that will give me the opportunity to co-star with Ziad Bourji again. In general, 2018 was one of the best years in my life in spite of my father’s death. 

 Sultan: How did the death of your father impact you?

Dalida: It made me feel more responsible, grow fast, and look at life in a different way. I have him in my heart in tough and beautiful moments. 

Sultan: What is the thing you miss the most when you think of him?

Dalida: I miss the sense of security and the “spoiling”. I don’t feel those things any longer.

Sultan: Did he support your career?

Dalida: My father has a beautiful voice, a great talent in singing, and he was my number one supporter. A lot of the close people to him tell me that I look just like him.

Sultan: What is the song he used to sing to you?

 Dalida: Amara Ya Amara by Fairuz.

Sultan: What would you say to him?

Dalida: I miss you so.

Sultan: What are your dreams for 2019?

Dalida: There are a lot of dreams. My biggest dream is to be on theatre, a big theatre, and roam the world. I wish I could perform in a musical movie so that I can sing and dance in it. I watched a movie that provoked me and made me dream to do a Star in Born work entitled Lady Gaga. I have a lot of dreams; I might get married and start a family.

Sultan: What does Dalida Khalil want for herself this year?

Dalida: For her moodiness and temperament to mollify and to be patient because with patience we could achieve anything.

Sultan: Do you believe in the zodiac signs?

Dalida: I only follow them in this phase, because expectations give us a hope for the start of a new year.

Sultan: It is known that Aquarius women are cold and have no feelings, is that you?

Dalida: I disagree, because Aquarius women are full of emotions and feelings, particularly if she were an artist. If I wasn’t like that I would have never reached my audience through my work.

Sultan: We tend to put our emotions aside in some situations, when do you do that?

Dalida: when someone treats me with disrespect, I don’t just put my emotions aside, I lose my tempers because I wouldn’t let anyone harm my pride. In case they do, they will see this whole other side of me.

Going back to the 90s in the photo-shoot

Sultan: How do you prepare yourself for a photo-shoot?

Dalida: I sleep early to wake up energetic and with my face relaxed in front of the camera. I use face masks from week to week, I don’t wait until the photo-shoot to do this.

Sultan: The photo-shoot we did today is inspired from the 90s, especially the clothes that were used from the tweed fabric that Chanel introduced to the fashion world and this year it introduced it again. How much do you see this look close to you?

Dalida: The look was beautiful and I don’t deny that it was sexy despite the fact it is not close to me because I like the diversifying of colours, and I prefer the blue colour because it is the colour of the sky and the sea.

Sultan: How do you choose your clothes?

Dalida: I mostly wear sportswear because I play sports and dance on regular basis. As for my formal outfit, I resort to my personal stylist and my dress designer. I like wearing white, red, and blue clothes. 

Sultan: What do brands mean to you?

Dalida: I am obsessed with shoes and bags and I prefer that they are well-known brands, but I don’t care that much what those brands are per say. I only care about them because I like the change and I am not fond of wearing the same clothes more than 3 times.

Sultan: What are your favourite brands?

Dalida: Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana 

Sultan: Whose artist’s style like the most?

Dalida: Jenifer Lopez, I am intrigued by the way she dresses and I like to watch her performances and always tuned to her works.

‘Warde W Warde’

Photographed by Direct Studio, Styled by Serene Assad. Suit by
Nathalie Karam

Sultan: How was the song “Warde W Warde” chosen?

Dalida: This song was customized to suit me. After I met the poet Nizar Frances in the studio while I was rehearsing with Michael Fadel, he instantly understood my soul and what I like. He then wrote “Warde and Warde” for me, and it was composed and distributed by Michael Fadel. I then heard the song and was very happy hearing it because it was my first official work. Nizar and Michael were supportive. We felt its success after it was translated by the talented Ziad al-Khory through his lenses.     

Sultan: Who gave you their blessings among the artistic community?

Dalida: A lot to be honest, in spite of the fact that some didn’t come for the release of the song, such as Wael Jassar, Ragheb A’lamah, Sa’ad Ramadan, and others. I am happy because I didn’t encounter any negative reviews.

Sultan: Are you mad at anyone?

Dalida: No. I have moved pass this phase and I know that to be successful you have to have enemies and friends at the same time.

Sultan: Now that you are working in the “Music is My Life” company, is it possible to see you in a duet with Nassif Zeatoun?

Dalida: I would be honoured, this decision is in the hands of the company itself and the manager of Zaitun.

Sultan: Whose artist’s style you like in the artistic community?

Dalida: I like the style of Elissa and Nancy, and I like Yara’s voice a lot.

Sultan: Have you heard what’s new with “Shirin’s” Nassay?

Dalida: Who didn’t memorize the “Nassay” song by Shirin? The song is beautiful and reflects my personality.

Sultan: Do you wish that the “Nassay” song was yours?

Dalida: Even if I didn’t, I would say that I like singing this kind of songs.  

Sultan: We see that the Khaliji and Moroccan songs are big hits these days, can you speak one of these dialects? And is it possible that we see you sinning Khaliji or Moroccan songs?

Dalida: I feel as if I am closer to the Khaliji dialect than the Moroccan, especially after taking a role in the series of “Dawa’er Hob.” I worked with actors from the Gulf.

Sultan: When we say Khaliji art, who is the first artist that pops on your mind?

Dalida: I would have to say Ahlam of course.

Sultan: What do you think is going on with Saad Lamjarred? And what would you do if you were in his shoes?

Dalida: I have reservations on the case of Lamjarrad but I wish him nothing but the best. What he is going through is hard and he is in a situation that nobody envies.

Sultan: every girl has a Prince Charming in her head, how much is looks important to you? And who is the actor that you like his looks the most?

Dalida: I wouldn’t deny that looks and personality are complimentary to each other, and I can’t say that I don’t care about looks. I am drawn to a man that has good looks as well as an attractive personality who takes care of their body. I like the charisma of Tamer Hosny.


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