Marmaris is considered a great destination for an unforgettable journey

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“Holiday International Travel” in Lebanon has organized a trip to “Marmaris” that included a number of journalists from different media outlets. The company made sure to provide them with all means of comfort for 3 days.

Marmaris is considered a great destination for an unforgettable journey, especially for those who like the sea and cruises. The beautiful landscape is mixed with activities that suit all people from different ages and tastes.

The tourist gets to buy a lot of things in good prices. As for the most famous products that are sold in the astonishing Marmaris market you would find leather products, shoes, bags, and jackets. The seller doubles the price when you want to buy and so you have to bargain and negotiate the price as much as possible.

The staying in was in the “Casa De Maris” hotel that has a “spa” in it and provides a Turkish bath and water games in the pool that operates the entire week, in addition to the best and most delicious Turkish cuisine 3 times a day.

There is no room for boredom in “Marmaris” with the so many activities you could do there, they include:

You can buy a lot of different things that suit your taste, like the famous Turkish rugs. They are there all over the markets of the beautiful city. Accessories for your home are also varied there. You wouldn’t believe how beautiful, simple, and fascinating they are.

It is also famous for the sand baths with hot water that a lot of people use to treat themselves form diseases such as Rheumatism, digestion problems, liver diseases, and gallbladder diseases. It also helps those suffering from heavy weights and much more.

Don’t be alarmed by the tough procedures by security personnel when you visit the isle of Cleopatra. They are obliged to protect the beach and they even prevent the people from taking any sands out of the beach and you are not permitted to enter it wearing your shoes. Everyone is required take a shower before going in.

And those who like to spend the evening in the Turkish style could have a great traditional evening and to get to know the Turkish civilization and listen to its music. You finish up the evening by getting to know the Turkish traditions and weddings. The tourist could get on cruises and enjoy the beaches of the island.

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