Pharaonic per excellence: it is the Chanel Métiers d’Art 2019 runway

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Soul Arabia – Beirut – By Sara Mortada

You could expect everything from Karl Lagerfeld, he is a man of creativity and surprises.

We all have been waiting to see what he has got in stored for us in his larest collection of Métiers d’Art that took place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. What first comes to our minds is that this collection will be inspired by the American culture and history, but the big surprise was huge; we witness the place turn into ancient Egypt with the Dendur temple in the background. We instantly understood that the Pharaohs are his inspiration in this collection that honors everyone who put their touch on the little details.

Rich detail

This collection was inspired by the pharaohs’ world, who have great history. Karl Lagerfeld focused on golden minerals intensively and because it’s pretty obvious for him to do that especially that the golden color is connected to the Egyptian civilization. And of course his embroideries were outstandingly present. And in this regard, Lagerfeld said “I have always been fascinated about this civilization, and started from an imaginary idea that I transformed into reality.”

If Cleopatra were present on the runway she would without a doubt be fascinated by the models who walked the runway elegantly, wearing beautifully designed dresses simulating the ancient Egyptian architecture with outstanding golden and bronze embroideries that reflects the women’s strength and femininity at the same time. With regard to the embroideries, we liked the small stones, miniature pyramids, and mosaic.

Chanel Pre-Fall Spring 2019

There was a myriad of colors in this collection, the shades of beige, white, black, blue, orange, yellow, red, azure, Turquoise, and the coral were all present in this collection.

New partnerships  

The runway of Métiers d’Art is always rich in detail. We saw a lot collaborations on this fashion show and the most eminent was the one between Lagerfeld with the graffiti artist “Cyril Kongo,” whose we saw his works on some of the jackets, dresses, and handbags. We also witnessed the collaboration with “Maison Michel,” whom designed the outstanding and beautiful hats that went perfect with the dresses.

Ambassadors are also present

Of course, the ambassadors of “Chanel” and admirers of this brand were sitting in the front row, with the most prominent “Margot Robbie,” “Penélope Cruz,” “Lily-Rose Depp,” “Julianne Moore,” “Sofia Coppola,” et cetera.

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